90 Day Breakthrough Program

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Attempting to implement new ideas or strategies for success, yet it only leads to more overwhelm and not greater results.

  • Lacking focus and direction

  • Busy yet not productive.

  • Can't seem to get ahead.

  • Not enough "me" time.

  • Challenged to find work/life balance.

  • Missing quality time with family.

  • Struggling with trying to accomplish everything on your 'to do' list.

  • Simply feeling a lack of control and/or overwhelm.

  • Strained relationships or challenged with finding your voice.

  • Feeling anxiety or stress and unsure how to effectively move forward - either in business or in life, or both.

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, you are not alone.  I too have experienced every single one of these things. And frankly, it sucks! There are moments when I felt I could not get on top of what life was throwing at me. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and my dreams felt as if they were moving further and further away.

Until one day when I said, "Enough is enough!" I no longer wanted to live like that.  I dug deep into my personal growth tool box and began implementing new practices. I started at square one with my mindset and built a new foundation for my well-being, and for my life.  I got clear on my vision. I identified specifically what I was doing that was keeping me from living my best life. I implemented new practices into my daily routine and began cutting out activities and even people that no longer served me and my goals. I got laser focused on living a life of purpose each and every day!


Many of us simply get caught up in the routine of life, in habits that we've created - often not even realizing what those are and the impact they have on our lives.  Isn't it time to do something about it? To identify what is keeping you from living the life you imagine? I can show you the steps I took that got me from a struggling entrepreneur, with a crazy home life, to creating a 6 figure income and creating immense joy in every area of my life.


The Empowered You 90 Day Breakthrough Program will help you to identify those habits and behaviors that are limiting you, and empower you to make the shifts necessary to succeed. This comprehensive course will allow you to create a clear vision for your life; implement new, supportive practices; experience greater insight and breakthroughs; have the ability to experience better quality relationships; reach your goals faster and be on the path for a much more fulfilling and rewarding life!


It won't be easy - you will be pushed outside your comfort zone. Your programs will come up and test your resolve. Yet if you choose to follow the steps I share with you, I promise you, your life will be transformed in a powerful way!

At the end of our 90 days together, by following the practices we implement, you will: 


  • Have a clearly defined vision for each area of your life. 

  • Gain more control of your life so you can experience more freedom. 

  • Experience greater quality relationships. 

  • Enjoy less chaos and overwhelm while having more joy and fulfillment! 

  • Understand the impact our thoughts and language have on our success (and lack thereof!) 

  • Identify how you are (potentially) sabotaging your success and implement new, supportive behaviors. 

  • Experience higher levels of success and abundance - in all areas!

What the program entails:

  • Taking several behavior assessments so you can have a deeper understanding behind the HOW and WHY you do what you do, as well as discovering how well developed your EQ is. 

  • Weekly video conference with weekly action items.

  • Daily accountability.

  • Access to Stacy throughout the 90 day program.

  • A one-to-one session with Stacy before the launch of the course, and another one-to-one session as it wraps up.

  • Topics include: Vision, Values, Communication, Mindset, Fear, Habits, Marketing and more!

  • Insights and tools to last a lifetime.

  • Limited to 10 participants.


* You will also get a workbook that will be your guide for our 12 week program that includes a daily journal and resources.

Here are what a few of our past participants have to say about their experience working with Stacy and being a part of The Empowered You 90 Day Breakthrough Program:

"My phone is off the hook with calls/texts about my business! All the things

I've been working on thanks to Stacy!! Please tell everyone all the exciting

things that are happening with my business and that having a clear vision

makes all the difference!"

- Michele B., Leader with Xyngular (feedback after week 2!)

"HUGE WIN today! I have had the best month ever in my business! After

2 ½ years, I was really stuck.  Since reaching this milestone in my business

was my 90 day goal, and I reached it in my first 4 weeks, I need to set a

whole new goal!  The practices that Stacy teaches really do make a difference!" 

- Susan W., Leader with Juice Plus (feedback after week 4!)


"I love this group and this program because it's really helping me to become laser focused as to what my triggers are and how to quickly correct them. I often went days at a time struggling with why something wasn’t working, or why I wasn’t getting the results I was working for, and with these tools, I can quickly identify the issue and make a shift right away. Stacy, thank you so much for this program!" - Joy B., CEO & Founder of nJOYBnFIT (feedback after week 5!)

"Stacy's 90 Transformation course was an excellent stepping stone to fill in the gaps I was missing in my business. I gained more clarity about my business in 3 months than I had in the past 3 years! Highly recommend working with her!" - Edna S., Leader with Scensty 

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are ready to take your life, and your business, to the next level and experience more joy, fulfillment and success in your life, wouldn't now be the right time to take action? 

Begin 2019 with a proven plan to launch you into those goals in a powerful way!  You will get direct access to me AND a close circle of women that are inspired to create the life they desire - just like you!  Register for The Empowered You 90 Day Breakthrough Program TODAY! Space is limited!


This course is valued at $4997


Enroll TODAY for just $1997!

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Our next course is scheduled to begin January 2020.

Space is limited to just 10 women - so be sure to register ASAP! 



Let's Make 2020 Your Best Year YET!

Have questions?

Contact Stacy to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call!

Together you can discuss what your goals are, what current challenges you are facing, and she will most likely offer you a nugget or two that you can implement right away!


For questions and/or to take advantage of the payment option, please contact

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