“My phone is off the hook with calls/texts about my business! All the things I've been working on thanks to Stacy!  Please tell everyone all the exciting things that are happening with my business and that having a clear vision makes all the difference!" - Michele B. 

"HUGE WIN today! I have had the best month ever in my business! After 2 ½ years, I was really stuck.  Since reaching this milestone in my business was my 90 day goal, and I reached it in my first 4 weeks, I need to set a whole new goal!  The practices that Stacy teaches really do make a difference!"  - Susan W. 

"I love this group and this program because it's really helping me to become laser focused as to what my triggers are and how to quickly correct them. I often went days at a time struggling with why something wasn’t working, or why I wasn’t getting the results I was working for, and with these tools, I can quickly identify the issue and make a shift right away. Stacy, thank you so much for this program!" - Joy B 


"Stacy's transformation program will lead you through the process of identifying core values in your business. This process helps you move your business forward and along the way, you may discover more than you initially thought would be revealed." - Edna S

With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur primarily developing sales teams and with thousands of hours invested in personal growth, Stacy has developed a passion and talent for helping people break through those beliefs and behaviors that are keeping them from realizing their desired goals, getting them to take action and then experience real transformation as they move closer to their dreams. She absolutely loves helping people to take control of their own destiny! That is one reason why she loves being an entrepreneur. She believes this is truly a profession in which one can have the best that life has to offer – living life on our own terms!

Stacy has developed effective training’s to help the entrepreneur and professional to take themselves, their team and their business to the next level. Just like an athlete needs to condition and train properly in order to win, our mind needs to have the proper conditioning and training in order to win in life.  Our mind can be our greatest asset or our greatest adversary.  The Aspire and Thrive Empowerment Programs will enable you to reset the internal beliefs that have kept you from living your ideal life.  These programs are designed to help you break through your current conditioning through a unique, experiential learning process.

In addition to speaking, Stacy offers leadership training, corporate programs, small group intensive courses and private coaching. Here are some of the results you will experience when you apply the principles that Stacy teaches:

  • A clear vision for your life.

  • Having a defined road map to create that vision.

  • Being in control of your calendar instead of it controlling you.

  • Learn how to be an extraordinary self manager.

  • Understand the impact your thoughts and language has on your success (or lack thereof!)

  • Improved relationships.

  • Identify and remove sabotaging behaviors.