March 7, 2017

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Convenience: What Price Do We Pay?

November 19, 2016

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A Simple, Ordinary, Exceptionally Amazing Day

March 8, 2017


Strange how things change with time.  As I sit down after one of the most amazing days with my kids, I am reflecting on how different the choices are that I make today.


You see, I used to be an extremely driven entrepreneur, sacrificing time with friends and family in order to 'do what was best' for my business. I would have a 'no matter what' mindset when it came to attending every single function my company would have, every event that was taking place, and stay and talk with potential customers, new customers, and business partners much later than necessary when out growing my businesses. I did it, as that is what we are encouraged to do. To have a 'no matter what' mindset.


In some ways, that is what we need  to have in order to be successful. We need to be willing to go the extra mile, step out of our comfort zone, to do that 'little extra' - and to not make excuses. 


Yet, I believe there is a way to have both. 


Reflecting on what has transpired between my two incredible children and myself for the last 8 hours, I am struck by  how important it is to have our priorities straight. To have a 'no matter what' mindset with those that are most important to you as well as for business. 


Nothing extraordinary happened today. Not as an outsider looking at the events that unfolded. Yet for the three of us, our time together was remarkable.


This is spring break. We made no special plans as we had last year. Last year involved a road trip to Disneyland, then to Vegas, then back home. It was tension filled and although we had some great moments, not one of us reflects on that trip as being spectacular. (Sad as that was my sons first trip to Disneyland!)  


This year, we actually had just one day together for the three of us - today. I was supposed to attend a dinner tonight for one of my businesses, and I was going to receive an award. I didn't hesitate to call the host to tell him I wouldn't be there as soon as I learned this morning that my daughter would be joining my son and I today. In the past, that would not have happened.


I picked her up from her Dad's place at 3 and the fun began: shopping, home to make a fabulous dinner (for those that don't know me, this in and of itself is a huge deal: I don't cook. Yet, something inspired me this week to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. I had gone to Sprouts yesterday and picked up some organic chicken breasts and veggies and tonight was a perfect opportunity to actually cook!), a game of Monopoly, then out in our pajamas to get some dessert (for the kids - I skipped the treats to honor my healthy food program!), and then home to watch a movie. We crammed a lot into our 8 hours together. We laughed, we hugged, we appreciated every moment. Not one argument. Not one complaint. My 17 year old even snuggled up to me while watching the movie. My heart could not possibly be more full than it is right now.


These moments are fleeting. We have no idea how much time we have. Our life is made up of moments. We get to choose how we live in each and every moment of our lives. Too often people live in regret of the past, or in worry and anxiety for the future. Yet few are truly present. I used to be one of those. Sometimes I still am. Yet for today, I was truly in the moment. It reminded me of how precious life is. Of the loves in my life. How rare these moments are becoming and how I cherish them more and more.


I don't miss an opportunity to tell my children how much I love them. That I value who they are and how grateful I am for them. Often I wonder if they tire of hearing it. I don't care if they do, really.  There will be no question in their minds - EVER - of how I feel about them and how incredible I think they are. 


Today was an amazing day. A simple, ordinary, exceptionally amazing day.

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