March 7, 2017

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Convenience: What Price Do We Pay?

November 19, 2016

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The Power of Words

March 7, 2017


How we communicate can impact so many aspects of our lives. From the actual words that we use, to the context in which we use them, to how well we utilize words to get our ideas or intentions across,  how we choose to use them determines how others relate to us. People can (and do) make judgments about us based on how we communicate. How well we are able to articulate our thoughts, ideas and feelings will determine the quality of our relationships and even how successful we become – or not.


Consider this: when interacting with someone who uses foul or slang language often, what is your perception of that person? What judgements do you make? We live in a world in which people do make assumptions about us based on the words we choose to use. If we want someone to take us seriously, being thoughtful about the language we choose to use does make a difference.


Being an effective communicator is also about being concise. In fact, not having concise communication is one of life’s biggest time wasters! Why take ten minutes to explain yourself when you can get your point across in two? We have a limited amount of time in today’s world to hold the attention of our audience. Whether we are sharing something we experienced, wanting to defend something we believe in or we are selling a product or service, using words that can make our point more accurately can make a big difference. If you tend to be a ‘talker’, consider how you might be able to get your message across in a more concise manner, especially when it comes to professional contexts. Not only when verbally communicating with others, yet also in your marketing . This will save you time and elevate the quality of the results you get.


The types of words we use can certainly make a huge impact to our mental, emotional and even physical well-being. Studies have shown that writing positive words on a water glass with water inside, causes the water to crystallize in snowflake like formations. Where as a water glass with negative words written all over it, causes the water to get cloudy, dark and have distorted molecules. Isn’t that incredible? The words we use are that powerful!


So it is worth asking: how do you speak to others? To your children? To your partner in life? To your associates? To yourself?


Imagine if we would be more purposeful about the language we use. How might that impact our relationships, our business, even our health? I encourage you to take thoughtful consideration to being more intentional when it comes to communication. I promise you, it will greatly impact the quality of every aspect of your life!

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