March 7, 2017

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Convenience: What Price Do We Pay?

November 19, 2016

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Reflection Inspires Action (at least it should!)

December 16, 2016


As the end of yet another year quickly approaches, it is natural to reflect. To reflect on what has transpired over the course of the year as well as to see how well we reached the goals we set for ourselves just 12 short months ago. Often this reflection causes us to feel frustration and to focus on what was not accomplished, as opposed to look for the good and lessons that were gained.  I have found that it is incredibly valuable to use this time of reflection to get crystal clear as to what you feel worked in favor of your desired outcomes, and what was not as effective. And most importantly, breathe in gratitude for all that was experienced as every single event served you in some way.


Once you have taken time to reflect, it is now time to look ahead. I don't personally believe in setting new years resolutions. Often, they are too lofty, with no specific action plan to support them, not having a deeply burning desire to accomplish them, and they quickly fade away. Any time is a fantastic time to decide you are going to begin taking action to create a life you love. Any time. Even now. RIGHT NOW.


So, what is it you truly want? How do you want your life to be? What does an ideal day, week, month look like for you? What are you doing?  Who are you doing it with? What activities do you participate in? What kind of home do you live in? Where is it? What are the details inside? What sort of vacations are you taking? How are you growing yourself personally? What type of contribution are you making to society? The list of questions can go on and on....the key is to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your vision. In all aspects of your life. Write them down. Pages and pages if you must. A written vision is far more likely to become a reality than one that floats about in the mind. Once it is written, review it - daily. Absorb it. Believe it. BE it. And breathe life into it every single day.


Once you  get crystal clear, decisions become so much easier to make. You begin to realize that, if it is not something that is in support of your vision, then it will most likely take you away from that vision, so it is not worthy of your time to devote to it. Do only that which supports your vision. Stay in your genius zone. Learn to delegate. Learn to say no. Learn to live your life in your highest values and amazing things will begin to transpire. The more focused you become, the more amazing life will be.


Take time to reflect. It's an incredibly valuable part of the process. Appreciate every step on the journey. Use it to gain more clarity in order to take inspired action. Designing a life you love takes courage, commitment, focus and action. And when you are focused on that vision, the journey becomes so much more enjoyable as you pursue it. The more that unfolds for you, the more inspired you will be to continue forward. Realizing your vision is a worthwhile pursuit - take action - NOW!


Here's wishing you an abundant life in every possible way!

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