March 7, 2017

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Convenience: What Price Do We Pay?

November 19, 2016

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Convenience: What Price Do We Pay?

November 19, 2016


Life is pretty easy, isn’t it?


I mean, we have drive thru restaurants, microwave ovens, phones in our hands that do and access just about anything, we have delivery, cable, DVR, Amazon Prime, and even Uber to take us where we want to go. We have text and email so we don’t actually have to communicate; online social networks so we don’t really have to socialize; and mindless television so we don’t actually have to use our minds.


Yet, at what price?


The obvious price we pay for eating convenience food, is poor health. For not taking the time to take care of our bodies with physical exercise, again, poor health. Yet what about the convenience of going through life without taking initiative? Not stepping out of our comfort zone to learn and implement better financial choices? At what cost do we live a life not pursuing what inspires us? To have more satisfying relationships? To be uncomfortable for a while so that we can live a fuller, richer, more abundant life? To sit and watch tv, to eat fast food, to do the ‘easy’ job, to do what simply ‘works’ just to get by and get through the day….what is the cost in the long run for our health, our financial situation, our relationships, and ultimately, our life?


The cost is enormous.


Our relationships suffer. Most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves. Not being disciplined, not having a goal to pursue, not stepping out of our comfort zone and being challenged, damages our self esteem. It lowers our sense of self worth. It numbs us and keeps us from living a life of true fulfillment. N..ot only does our self image suffer, our relationships suffer. Our physical health suffers. We are either growing or decaying, there is no in between. So is it worth it? To take the easy way out? Is the easy way out really the easy way? Perhaps in the short term, yet the long term effects on our physical and mental health and the overall quality of our lives, will not be easy.


Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.


If we truly want to live a life that really is easy in the sense that we are loving our life and living a life that is fulfilling and rewarding, then get uncomfortable!  It’s when we step outside that comfort zone and stretch ourselves, that we begin to build those self worth muscles. The more we challenge ourselves, the more we grow, the stronger we get. Pretty soon, our life that we are creating becomes easier. Why? Because we are loving this life! The more we pursue what inspires us, the better the quality of the life is that we are living. The stronger the relationships. The better our health (both physical and mental). The more abundant our lives become. If we truly want to have the ‘easy’ life, we must take on the challenges. Learn something new. Step outside that comfort zone.  Life is not meant to be something we coast through. No growth happens there. Life is meant to be an adventure. Life is meant to experience, savor, try, fall down and try again! Throw out that perfectionist mindset and just go for it! Decide that from this moment forward, the status quo just won’t do. We are designed for more!

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