A note from Stacy Axon, Speaker, Professional Trainer, Entrepreneurial Coach, & PCPT Advanced Training Expert
"The Primary Colors Personality Test (PCPT) is an absolutely phenomenal tool! The PCPT can help an individual gain awareness as to why they behave and respond as they do in different situations, have better clarity as to why others behave as they do, and can open the doors to better quality relationships in all areas of life. I have taken many personality profiles over the years, including Meyers Briggs, DISC, and others, and I have to say that the PCPT is by far the most comprehensive, yet easy to understand and apply personality test I have experienced.


Going through the training to be licensed as an expert to provide the tests for my clients, I was able to see just how many applications this test can be utilized for - as well as the depth of understanding the test itself can provide. Not to mention, the training itself at the resort was an absolutely decadent experience!  

I am thrilled to be able to offer the Primary Colors Personality Profile to others. I feel the more people have a true understanding of human behavior, especially their own, the more they are able to make more conscious choices and therefore, experience a greater quality of life."