These insightful workshops empower the entrepreneur and professional to take themselves, their team and their business to the next level. Just like an athlete needs to condition and train properly in order to win, our mind needs to have the proper conditioning and training in order to win in life.  Our mind can be our greatest asset or our greatest adversary.  What Stacy has created is a variety of different programs to empower individuals to be successful in all areas of their lives, and it all begins with self management.


In the Design A Life You Love Playshop, you will discover what the 4 essential elements are to gaining more control of your life so you can have the lifestyle you desire. The Design A Life You Love Playshop is a wonderful introduction to The Empowered You, Stacy's 90 day breakthrough course. It will lay a foundation to help you gain clarity on your vision and learn valuable self management tools in order to lead a more rewarding and productive life.  The Empowered You 90 Day Breakthrough Program will build on these principles and enable you to reset the internal beliefs that have kept you from living your ideal life.  These programs are designed to help you break through your current conditioning through a unique, experiential learning process.

In addition to speaking, Stacy offers leadership training, corporate programs, small group intensive courses and private coaching. These are some of results you will experience when you apply the principles that Stacy teaches:

  • A clear vision for your life.

  • Have a defined road map to create that vision.

  • Be in control of your calendar instead of it controlling you.

  • The ability to be an extraordinary self manager.

  • Understand the impact your thoughts and language have on your success (or lack thereof!)

  • Improved relationships.

  • Identify and remove sabotaging behaviors.


“Stacy is a very passionate and animated speaker. She motivates and empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential. Her dynamic aura is a natural catalyst to anyone’s endeavors.  Stacy’s energy, commitment and accomplishments are undeniably enviable.” – Arleene from Mesa, AZ


“Stacy has a gift for encouraging and empowering others to live their dreams and gives them tools and techniques for success. Countless times I’ve spoken to people who attended her trainings, who arrived with no intention of taking action, but left with a whole new vision for what their lives could be and the skills to make those changes happen.”   – Heather Scriven, Team Leader with Isagenix


“Stacy is a powerful presenter. She has the gift of giving you that nugget of information that you needed to make the light bulb go on. Every training I attended has left me with an ‘AHA’ moment that I can take back and put into practice right away for positive change. I make a point to make sure I attend Stacy’s presentations. She’s awesome!” – Deborah Dowe, Entrepreneur with It Works Marketing


“Stacy Axon has helped our whole team to dream bigger dreams and to set better goals. These sessions have helped me to focus on what is important and how to reach my goals.  She is a self starter and she motivates everyone she meets.  Anyone she works with will surely benefit from her services”  – Pat Green with Quality Health Solutions